Move over McDonald’s there’s a new breakfast sheriff in town. To all my breakfast and sandwiches lovers, we presents to you the Pastrami Melt Egg sandwich. It’s a classic deli sandwich meeting on the corner of Eggs and Pastrami.

For the record, I WILL never stop eating sandwiches but the one thing that I have stopped eating is McDonald’s. The last time I touched the stuff was probably a little after college. Eh, maybe once more after my ex but happy to say that I haven’t indulged since then. I remember loving the Sausage Egg Mc’Muffin and the delicious but unhealthy bites. I wanted to make a healthy breakfast sandwich without holding out on flavor, so I did!

Crisp pastrami, on top of an omelette eggs with bacon, onions, red and green peppers, on a toasted English muffin. And spicy mayo to complete the meal. This sandwich is an ode to all my McDonald lovers who miss those early morning cravings but fear the junk foodies remorse. For an even healthier version, swap out the English Muffin for a Whole Wheat bun.

Pastrami Melt Egg Breakfast Sandwich Ingredients

Pastrami – 4 slices
Egg – 4 large
Cheese (Mozzarella) – 2 slices
Bacon – (4 slices) – cut finely
Onion – 1 (small) just a third chopped
Red & Green peppers – (medium) 1/3 of each chopped
Salt & Pepper – as desired

FYI TIGER – THE ORANGE SAUCE IS SPICY MAYO – Sriracha & Mayo, that is all! 

Pastrami Melt Egg Breakfast Sandwich Directions 

  1. Chop bacon and peppers.
  2. Set aside peppers and in a medium pan and cook bacon until crispy.
  3. While bacon is cooking, crack and beat the eggs and set aside.
  4. Once bacon is cooked, add it and the peppers to the eggs, and season as desired.
  5. Toast the English Muffins to your desired and add butter.
  6. Cook eggs in a omelette – style.
  7. Once omelette is done cut in half and set aside.
  8. Cook pastrami until crisp and add the Mozzarella, cover for 2-3 minutes for cheese to melt
  9. Add spicy mayo and assemble the breakfast sandwich
  10. Enjoy the sandwich……