From the photo above what would you call this fruit? If you guessed green apples then you are wrong. With a little bit of research, I found that this fruit is called a Chinese date or Green Jujube Apple in America. Its full scientific name is Ziziphus Mauritiana, now try to say that three times fast!
Originated in South-East Asia, the Ziziphus tree is a medium-sized tree that can grow vigorously to approximately 10-12 feet. With the growing time of three years, the tree can produce fruit which happens to resemble an apple but a bit softer and juicier with a pleasant aroma. As for its taste; when ripe, the green Jujube apple can be described as sweet and sour but when overripe can be musky and wrinkly.

Outside of its origin South East, the fruit can also be found in parts of Africa, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The fruit can be eaten raw, pickled and even used in many beverages. Second to the guava, the green jujube apple is high in vitamin C. Other health properties include reducing anxiety, aiding blood pressure, treating insomnia, and is only has 76 calories per 100 grams.
I am already a fan and plan on testing some recipes with these apples in the near future.