What the heck is a Kumquat? What looks like a miniature oval orange is a kumquat. Originated from South and the Asia-Pacific, the history of kumquats dates back to the 12th century in China, They have also been cultivated in India, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Kumquat grows from a plant which is slow-growing with dense branches, sometimes bearing small thorns. The leaves of the plant are yellow-green to dark green with white flowers normally in the center of the plant. Based on the size, the tree can naturally produce hundreds or even thousands each year.

Ironically so there are different types of Kumquats which I never knew. There are round kumquats, oval kumquats, and Jiangsu kumquats. If spotted they may look similar but are each different. While the round kumquat is golden-yellow and has a fruit that can be oval shaped at times, the round kumquat as a sour center and a sweet peel where has the oval kumquat is the complete opposite. The Jiangsu kumquat was the one I never heard before. It happens to be the fruit that can be eaten raw and becomes bright-orange when rip.

Speaking of eating, how do you eat a kumquat some may ask anyway? Well here are a few steps that can help guide you.

Choosing ripe Kumquats which are bright-yellow to orange in color.
Wash and dry the fruit, while making sure the skin is nice and firm.
Removing the seed which is totally optional, however, the seeds can be bitter.
Eat the Kumquats
You can always cook with the Kumquats as well.

With eating the kumquats there are several steps and things you can do with them. You can slice them and add it to a salad. You can make marmalade, you can pickle them, add them to meat dishes, stew them or even add them to liquors like vodka.

Recipes including Kumquats include

Candied Kumquats
Oven-roasted Kumquat chicken
Kumquat Upside Down Cake
Kumquat Mojitos
Kumquat and Strawberry Margaritas
Spiced whiskey with kumquats
Kumquat Curd

Ohhhhh, these recipes ideas have me excited to curate to some of my own. I think this may be my favorite one yet, what’s yours?