Disclaimer -This post was not sponsored by Trader Joe’s. (But it should have been)

Okay guys, so it was Friday and I finish a ten-hour shift at Nordstrom. Payday was upon us and I’m pretty sure you know the feeling of being paid. I felt like celebrating and somehow I ended up at Trader Joe’s. Ironically, I was craving hummus and my body just knew where to go. As I was checking out of the Union Square location I stumbled upon this new product, Matcha Green Tea which is 99 cents seemed like a good buy.  If anyone loves Trader Joe’s as much as I do (trust me I used to work there) then you a familiar with the companies ability to test numerous products throughout the year.

By now, I’m laughing out loud! I swear this is not a sponsored post.The purchase inspired me to create a new drink following the “healthy trend”.

With this Matcha Green Tea, a bit of almond milk, raw honey and some cool cubes of ice, this beverage came alive. I’m not actually sure if Trader Joe will continue this product in the long run, but I sure enjoyed it. To give you my honest opinion, the raw honey starred as the MVP in this beverage.

Don’t believe me? Simply follow the recipe below.

Easy Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Ingredients

1 can of Matcha Green Tea – (Trader Joe’s – 8.5 oz) 
1/2 cup of Almond Milk
1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey –  (Big tablespoon)
Just a few Ice Cubes

Easy Iced Matcha Green Tea Directions 

  1. Pour can into a glass
  2. Add in milk followed by raw honey
  3. Add ice and stir
  4. Taste and add more honey if needed (optional) 
  5. Enjoy