The weekend is over and it’s back to the matrix. I quit drinking and I borderline dislike Starbucks, so how’s that for a Monday morning? After my last visit to Starbucks, if it isn’t an Americano I don’t want nothing to do with it. I see why people ventured to the more humble Mom and Pop shops for their caffeine fix. Who gave this corporate giant the audacity to serve products lacking in favor, filled with pure sugar and milk. How did this even come about?

Ironically, I happened to be writing this while in a Starbuck. I ordered a Strawberry Green Tea with low sugar and what I received was straight water with a drop of Strawberry. My cup looks like Crystal Light for crying out loud. How is this passable? Oh, I always ordered a Lemon Pound Cake which tasted like Diabetes. I suppose the pairing both complement each other. Highly upset, I decided to make a brand new beverage and possibly get this over to Starbucks ASAP. Inspired by the epic fail, Watermelon Green Tea gave birth to a nation yesterday night and it was delicious. Spoiler Alert – The drink is sugar free!

Here’s how this simple recipe went down:

Iced Watermelon Green Tea Ingredients 

8 cups of watermelon – A full blender or Nutribullet
2 Tablespoon of Jasmine Green Tea
Water to boil – 6 cups

Iced Watermelon Green Tea Directions 

  1. Boil hot water I used 6 cups. Keep in mind that water evaporates so you will have to boil a bit more.
  2. Add tea to water and let steep for about 3-5 mins.
  3. Blend watermelon, it already has enough juice.
  4. Strain the juice afterwards, eliminating any seeds and pulp from your drink.
  5. Pour juice into a bowl and strain the tea into a bowl.
  6. Mix well and add some lime juice.
  7. Refrigerate and serve with ice before drinking.

Sugar is optional at this point, but remember this is an unsweetened recipe with way more flavor then that Starbuck CRAP I received.