Okay, so it’s still hot out and you’re wishing that winter would hurry the hell up allowing you to get cool. Okay maybe it just me and not you! First things first, I will contunue to mostly post drinks due to the weather so, you welcome. Secondly, due to the heat this post is very much needed. 

What better then a slushes on a humid summer day? Nothing, we all remember our children and enjoying some form of an icie. For me it was either the Italian Ice, Shaved Ice or the Slushies. Today, I choose to make the Slushie. Three simple ingredients help me to accomplish this too. Mango, Orange juice and Ice; it’s that simple. Once again you welcome. lol

If you’re feeling bold or risky, add some Sriracha on the top and enjoy a classic Spainsh twist to a classic.

Mango Orange Slush Ingredients

Mango  – 1 can
Tropicana Orange Juice – 16 oz.
Ice  – Just a few cubes

FYI Tigers – All fruits were frozen

Mango Orange Slush Directions 

    1. Add juice first to blender or Nutribullet.
    2. Add mango.
    3. Blend for a 10-15 seconds.
    4. Add ice if desired.

      FYI Tigers – If Slush is too thick add more orange juice.


FYI Tigers – Add some Sriracha if you’re looking to spice things up! Trust me you won’t be disappointed.