P.S – Special thanks to Jay-Z and his 14th album, 4:44 for inspiring this post; and ode to the song, Smile.

Retired the drinking at 31
Maybe next year I’ll indulge in one
Started the first one at 13
A little Remy Martin started the scene
Almost burned my chest at the first sip
Mixed it with OJ to make it to legit
Don’t know why i was drinking
But it felt good
Didn’t know why it felt good
Guess it was misunderstood
From Hennessy straight to drinking beer
Drunk texting random girls,
Something I couldn’t bear
Either throwing up
Or going to sleep
After 13 years
I was going to sleep
Hate to see my liver
After all these years
Thinking going alkaline
start switching the gears
Just wanna start over on a better path
A whole new me on my behalf

I wrote a verse to the song entitled Smile which inspired me to use a smile to reflect on my happiness. I started thinking about all the great things this big, bright world has to offer that genuinely makes me happy. Then came thoughts of the things that used to make me happy and now are just sour thoughts. Drinking is simply something that doesn’t make it me happy anymore. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time drinking actually made me smile. Counting back to my last 10 drinks,none of them were spent socially and I don’t recall any memories, just darkness. Truth is, I don’t know if I will drink again in the future since to me it no longer serves a positive purpose.

I am happy that I am hanging up my drinking jersey. It’s definitely not for everyone and no judgements from me if you drink! Liquor serves many different reasons to stay present in their lives, it just lost its luster for me but If I could recommend any drink to someone who’s close to quitting the drink, just not quite there yet, it would be this Frozen Watermelon Whiskey; which is a great summer drink to enjoy with family, friends or to simply enjoy by yourself. The recipe is easy and is recommended free of charge to try and use.

Frozen Watermelon Whiskey

Frozen Watermelon  – 1 cup
Cranberry Juice – 1/3 cup
Whiskey – 2 oz.

FYI Tigers – If you want to put more liquor in the beverage it is entirely up to you. 21 + for drinking though. 

Frozen Watermelon Whiskey Directions 

  1. Place frozen watermelon in a cup.
  2. Add whiskey followed by cranberry juice.
  3. Stir and enjoy.