How many creative ruts
Can an artist
Experience in one’s life
And still not have the earnest
drive to not give up
and think of rather
As the year and I move into September
I still attempt to
shake the month of August
And leave it behind me.
Through rain, unusual weather
And another turn of events
I’ve found myself
longing to find something
To call home sweet home.

Though September is back to school month, there’s normally some excitement around these times. I happen to be dull and experiencing some low energy. The only thing that makes me happy was this Slow Cooked Ground Chicken Grilled Cheese. I mean, it’s nothing like childhood memories to make you feel good right?

Taking a spin to a classic, I called to the Grilled Cheese GODS for some help. Thank GOD for Trader Joe’s, though I believe all of my posts lately have been brought to you from the retailer. Let’s look to the following to see how this was made, shall we?

Slow Cooked Ground Chicken Grilled Cheese Ingredients

Ground Chicken  – 1 pack
Roma Tomatoes – 3
Chicken Stock – 1/2 a cup
Trader Joe’s Tex Seasoning  – 1/2 package
Onion – 1 diced or chopped
Garlic Powder – 2 Tablespoons
Papikra – just a teaspoon
Pink Salt  – 1 Tablespoon
Sharp Cheddar – 1 cup
Rosemary & Asiago – 1 cup
Sourdough – 6 slices
Sesame Oil – Just a drop or two
Mayo – as needed – optional
Butter – as needed


Slow Cooked Ground Chicken Grilled Cheese Directions 

  1. Turn slow cooker on and place ground chicken in
  2. Add sesame oil, seasoning, and onions in and mix
  3. Allow slow cooker to do its job
  4. Add in three Roma tomatoes and stock into the mix
  5. Allow everything to cook down
  6. Once the ground chicken is down taste and add more seasoning if needed
  7. Heat cast iron pan on medium
  8. Butter the slices of bread with mayo
  9. On one slice of bread add cheddar and for the other add the asiago cheese
  10. On top of the bottom slice add the ground chicken and make a sandwich
  11. Place butter to the cast iron and place sandwich
  12. Cook until sandwich is toasted and cheese has melted

FYI Tigers – Jalapenos are just for a kick. I didn’t add it to the recipe because it is definitely optional. Sandwich normally takes 2 mins on each side. Serving is for 6 but if you’re extremely hungry then 3. I cooked the ground chicken for 2 hours while checking it every 25 mins.